Five Inexpensive European Vacation Destinations

Five Inexpensive European Vacation Destinations

Europe is the perfect vacation destination for anyone who loves exploring and wants to experience some culture. Yet traveling to Europe can be costly. Do you want to plan a visit to Europe without spending too much money? If an inexpensive European vacation appeals to you, here are five of the continent’s cheapest travel destinations:


Poland is a country in the center of Europe. Poland has several fascinating historical sites that are well worth visiting. It is a land full of medieval castles and is home to the Wawel Cathedral in Krakow. The most somber destination in Poland is undoubtedly Auschwitz-Birkenau, the Nazi concentration camp.

If you visit Poland, you should make a point of sampling the local cuisine. There are countless Polish recipes you can try at local restaurants. The best Polish food includes a fermented soup called zurek, pierogi dumplings, and a sweet pancake called racuchy.

Poland is also a great country to visit if you love places with vibrant nightlife. Nightclub aficionados have positive things to say about The View in Warsaw. Hipsters are fond of a bar called Josef K in Gdansk. The trendiest clubs in Poland are probably Lordi’s Club and Fu Fu Bar in Lodz, which Polish celebrities often frequent.

The cost of living in Poland is low. Food, transport, and entertainment are much cheaper than in the United States. In Poland, a standard meal is less than seven dollars. You can buy a domestic beer for just over two dollars. A brand-name cola costs little more than a dollar. Accommodation in Poland is also inexpensive. If you vacation in Poland, you can do lots with your travel money.


Portugal is in the southwest of Europe. It neighbors Spain. Do you like warm beach vacations and fresh, delicious Mediterranean cuisine? If so, Portugal might be the right inexpensive European vacation spot for you. However, there is more to Portugal than gorgeous sunny beaches. Portugal boasts a variety of landscapes. These include rugged cliffs, sandy beaches, snowy mountains, lush vineyards, and plains that stretch for miles.

If you decide to visit Portugal, you can enjoy a beach swim in the Algarve, visit a vineyard, or spend time seeing the sites in the country’s capital, Lisbon. If you go to Lisbon, include a visit to the oceanarium on your itinerary. There, you can learn more about the spectacular diversity of life in the ocean.

The best nightlife in Portugal is in the Algarve. Well-known places to enjoy a few drinks in the Algarve include Dunas Douradas Beachclub, Le Club, Libertos Club, and Matt’s Bar.

Portuguese food favorites include piri-piri chicken and a salted cod called bacalhau. The cured meats and cheeses in Portugal are of high quality. You should check them out if you have no objection to animal products. Are you a dessert fan? If so, you might enjoy a Portuguese egg custard tart or a crème caramel.

Portugal is inexpensive compared to other western European locations. A fast-food meal costs less than seven dollars, cappuccino coffee is one dollar and fifty cents, and a bottle of beer is less than two dollars. Groceries are very cheap in Portugal, too. By staying in self-catering accommodation and cooking some meals there, you can eat cheaply and significantly reduce the cost of your European vacation.


Hungary is a wise location choice for people who would rather spend less on their European vacation. Hungary is a landlocked country located in central Europe. It shares borders with Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, and Croatia.

Hungary is famous for the thermal springs in its capital city, Budapest. Locals and tourists use the thermal springs to help them relax. Hungary also has some gorgeous scenery and architecture that make tourists feel glad that they decided to visit.

Tourists in Hungary like to visit The Valley of the Beautiful Women or the Caves of Lillafüred. Alternatively, you might wish to plan a trip to Hortobágy National Park while you are there.

If you are a nightlife fan, you will find the best Hungarian clubs in the capital Budapest. Renowned nightclubs include Ötkert, Peaches and Cream Club, and Instant-Fogas Complex.

If you are interested in sampling Hungarian cuisine, try the goulash, paprika chicken, or fisherman’s soup. Dessert lovers should not miss out on mouthwatering Hungarian krémes. Krémes comprise puff pastry filled with vanilla cream and dusted with a light coating of icing sugar.

You can enjoy your vacation without spending a lot of cash in Hungary. A glass of wine costs two dollars and forty cents, a cappuccino is one dollar forty, and you can get ice cream for about sixty-six cents. It is more than fifty percent cheaper to live in Hungary than in the United States.


Some people would say that Croatia is in central Europe. Others describe its location as the southeast of the continent. The southwestern area of Croatia borders the Adriatic Sea. The Adriatic Sea is the northernmost part of the Mediterranean. If you would like to enjoy a cheap beach vacation, Croatia is a sensible destination choice.

In the unlikely event that you grow bored of the magnificent Croatian beaches, you will find plenty of other fascinating things to do there. For instance, you can see Plitvice National Park, visit one of the country’s gorgeous waterfalls, take a trip to one of the country’s beautiful islands, or learn more about the history of the Balkan Wars that occurred there during the 1990s.

Barbarella’s Discotheque in Pirovac will delight you if you like clubbing. Alternatively, check out Aquarius Club in Zagreb or Noa Beach Club in Novalja.

Would you like to eat some traditional Croatian food? If so, why not try the black risotto, pasta with tomato sauce, or a phyllo dough stuffed with fresh cottage cheese called Zagorski strukli? If you have a penchant for sweet foods, you might enjoy Croatian walnut roll or cherry strudel.

Vacations in Croatia are not costly. A beer will cost you between two and three dollars. You can expect to pay around seven dollars for a fast-food meal or have dinner in a mid-range restaurant for less than forty dollars. It would be hard to spend more than one hundred dollars a day for accommodation, food, and entertainment in Croatia, even if you did your best to splurge as much as possible.


Slovenia is in the Balkan region of Europe and shares borders with Hungary, Croatia, and Austria. It is a country with lots of forests and mountains to explore. Because of the hills and mountains, Slovenia is the ideal destination for hiking fans.

If you get bored of hiking in Slovenia’s breathtaking mountains, you could visit one of its charming coastal towns to swim, explore the museums in Ljubljana, or visit St. George’s Cathedral in Piran.

Nightclub lovers should spend a night at Cirkus Club in Ljubljana. The city of Ljubljana is also home to Klub K4, Jazz Paradice, and Klub Daktari. You are sure to find a venue that pleases you there.

Does checking out Slovenian cuisine appeal to you? If it does, you should see whether you enjoy Slovenian dumplings or nibble on some Žganci with sauerkraut and sausage. If sweets are more your thing, you should sample the potica. Potica is an unleavened pastry dough with various fillings such as walnuts or raisins.

How much do things cost in Slovenia? Although tourist areas cost a little more, Slovenia is much cheaper than the United States. You can get accommodation for just over thirty dollars a night. Dinner at cheap restaurants will only cost about ten dollars per person. A glass of wine costs between two and four dollars, and a bottle will set you back between ten and fifteen US dollars.

Start Planning 

Now you know you can enjoy an inexpensive vacation in several European destinations. Flights to Europe can be rather pricey. However, you will find that the cost of living in many European countries is much cheaper than in the United States, especially if you visit outside the peak summer months. If you have not been to Europe yet, perhaps you should start planning your trip there. That way, you can enjoy the vacation of a lifetime without worrying about the cost.