Strangest Sights On Google Earth

Google Earth has assembled images from various sources of some of the most peculiar sights ever. Let’s find out what some of those unordinary sights are!

Sprawling Swastika

Photo via. Live Science

Scientists have discovered more than 50 geoglyphs across Kazakhstan in Central Asia, and the Sprawling Swastika is apparently one of them.


Photo via. Amusing Planet

Just as it has a strange name, the lake looks stranger from the normal, ordinary lakes. It is a tiny island that resides inside a lake on an island called Volcano Island in a lake called Lake Taal on the Pilippine island of Luzon; Hard to wrap your head around that, no?

Weird Wheels

Photo via. Live Science

Google has discovered the symbols of wheels etched into the surface of the planet that is believed to date back some 8500 years!

Bulls Eye

Photo via. Hudsonvalleygeologist

One type of these “weird wheels” in the Middle East resembles a bull’s eye, having three triangles pointed towards the eye and tiny piles of stones leading from the triangles toward the bulls-eye wheel.

Mysterious Pyramids

Photo via. Live Science

Many anomalies have been discovered in Egypt and one of them is this one. It is believed that it’s simply an unexcavated pyramid in Egypt.

Phantom Island

Photo via. National Geographic

In 2012, a group of researchers found out a mysterious island in the South Pacific, which popped up on the map out of nowhere. It showed up as a black polygon on Google Earth.

Baffling Pentagram

Photo via. Huff Post UK

In an isolated corner of Kazakhstan, there’s a large pentagram which measures up to 1200 feet in diameter and is firmly etched into the Earth’s surface.

Desert Breath

Photo via. Science Vibe

It is a giant spiral design in a desolate Egyptian desert, somewhere near the shores of the Red Sea. Desert Breath is an artwork created by Danae Stratou, Alexandra Statou, and Stella Constantinides to celebrate “the desert as a state of mind, a landscape of the mind.”

Riddled with Holes

The civil war in Syria has caused severe damage to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and Google Earth has shown one of the destruction in Apamea. The image showcases the entire ancient Roman riddled with holes which were typically dug by looters during the time of civil war.

Lake of Blood

Photo via. Mysterious Earth

There seems to be a blood-red lake that resides outside Sadr city in Iraq. However, no one knows the reason why it has such an appalling color.

The Biggest Word – Hamad

Photo via. Antique World

Hamad Bin Hamdan al Nahyan, a billionaire Sheikh belonging to the Abu Dhabi’s ruling family, has had his name carved in huge letters into the surface of Al-Futaisi Island.

Wild View Elephants

Photo via. National Geographic World

Since herds of wild elephants are a rare sight, it was quite surprising to see an image of a herd of African elephants in Chad.

It’s safe to say that these are some of the most bizarre sights Google Earth could ever introduce us to!