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Otherworldly Natural Events You Won’t Believe Happen On Earth

It’s no secret that the world is full of natural beauty, but some variations of it are far rarer than others. Here you’ll find a collection of times when nature seemed to feel the need to just plain show off. Some of the natural phenomena you’re about to see has been explained by science over time, while others remain a mystery. Prepare to feast your eyes on some of the craziest, most unusual things our planet has to offer.

These Crazy UFO-Shaped Clouds

These insane cloud formations are called lenticular clouds. If you think they look like UFO’s, you’re not alone. They’ve been mistaken for alien invaders so many times throughout history that they may even be responsible for why we imagine UFO’s to be similarly shaped.

Lenticular clouds are usually formed when the air over mountains cools enough to create condensation and shapes it into perfect pancake discs. One of their creepier aspects is that unlike regular clouds, lenticular clouds do not move. They just keep reforming in the same place with new air.

These Rainbow Colored Trees

Upon first glance, it may look like a toddler took a box of crayons and graced these trees with a little abstract art. The trees assure you, however, that this is their native bark.

They’re commonly known as Rainbow Eucalyptus trees and are native to areas such as Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and the Philippines. If you’re looking to see them closer to home, you can also find groves of them in Hawaii.

The Ever-Mysterious Eternal Flame Falls

This one may be worth stopping to Instagram if you ever find yourself passing through Chestnut Ridge Park, NY. Though eternal flames are common enough, naturally occurring ones are virtually unheard of.

Scientists are baffled by this little flame which they believe was lit by Native Americans thousands of years ago. The fact that it’s still burning doesn’t appear to make any sense. Luckily, the flame itself does not appear to care.

These Cotton Candy Looking Trees In Pakistan

Although there is an explanation for these crazy looking Pakistani trees, it’s incredibly bizarre in itself. They started to pop up after parts of Pakistan had experienced rising flood waters that were taking their time receding.

Russell Watkins/U.K. Department for International Development

At a certain point, the area spiders got tired of waiting and began to take refuge in the trees which they turned into ghostly looking mass webs.

Russell Watkins/U.K. Department for International Development

The Gorgeous Thermal Pools Of Pamukkale, Turkey

Though these natural turquoise pools look like something out of Star Wars, they’re actually located in a small town in Turkey called Pamukkale (“cotton castle” in Turkish). There you’ll find hills made of white limestone deposits called travertine that remain constantly sourced by natural thermal springs.

For thousands of years, they were among the most famous bathing destinations in the world. These days, officials have unfortunately closed them for bathing in an attempt to preserve their natural beauty. They still draw in plenty of visitors each year, even if they’re only allowed to look.

As you can see, sometimes even nature feels the need to go all “look what I can do!”

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