Top 10 Renewable Resources

You might not know but there is a plethora of renewable energy resources that are considered to be eco-friendly. Unlike the other energy resources, they are cleaner and organic, causing less air and soil population. Here we discuss the top 10 renewable technologies that are typically situated in the rural and remote areas. Check it out!

1. Tidal Power

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It is the type of energy that is derived directly from the Earth-Moon system or the Earth-Sun system. The tidal forces are generated with the help of Earth’s rotation, moon, and the sun. The tidal stream generators can also produce this type of energy. Although these environmentally friendly generators are not commonly used, it is believed that they will be used more widely for the production of electricity in the future.

2. Wave Power

Wave power captures the energy of wind waves in order to perform important tasks like producing electricity. However, this is the kind of energy that is super difficult to produce because of the unpredictability of the water waves’ direction.

3. Solar Power

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Solar power is attained through the sun’s energy to generate electricity. It is one of the fastest growing energy resources as many solar cells are being constructed around the world, helping the energy of sunlight to be directly converted into electricity.

4. Wind Power

Wind power converts the wind energy with the help of wind turbines to produce electricity or mechanical energy. Many isolated areas have large-scale farms that connect the local power transmission with small turbines that provide them with electricity.

5. Hydroelectricity

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As the name clearly suggests, hydroelectricity produces electric power through hydropower. Small-scale hydropower is a great alternative, especially in the rural areas where the use of other types of power sources isn’t feasible.

6. Radiant Energy

This natural energy can act as a better substitute for ordinary electricity as it can easily provide electric power at less than 1% of the cost. It can be gathered directly from ordinary electricity by the method called fractionation.

7. Geothermal Power

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It is one of the most powerful and efficient renewable energy that can simply be extracted from the earth by following natural methods. In ancient times, geothermal power was used for the purpose of space heating and bathing but it is now used for the sole purpose of generating electricity.

8. Biomass

Unlike other types of energy, biomass is organic material that comes from living or non-living things – plants, animals, and dead living beings – they are gathered and then used for the production of fuel.

9. Compressed Natural Gas

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A commonly-used energy, natural gas is basically a fossil fuel substitute for gasoline, diesel, or propane fuel. As compared to other types of fuel, it is safer and more eco-friendly.

10. Nuclear Power

This is specially designed to extract usable energy from atomic nuclei. It’s highly used across the world as in 2007, 14% of the world’s electricity was generated from nuclear power. This wealth of energy sources can offer a great way to power homes, vehicles, industries, and businesses without using the fossil fuels. Thus, we really need to consider them sooner than later!