UFO Or Lenticular Cloud? Learn More About These Eerie Cloud Formations

Think you see a UFO hovering in the sky? You might want to take a closer look before you run and call NASA. It is more likely that you have spotted a rare lenticular cloud in the sky than an intergalactic spaceship. Depending on the time of day and lighting, these flying saucer-looking cloud formations can look pretty otherworldly when illuminated.

The Truth Is Up There

The way most lenticular clouds appear, a believer in aliens and conspiracies can’t help but think it’s a cover for a mothership. Science can explain the phenomenon of lenticular cloud formation, bursting any theories or myths wide open.

It probably doesn’t help that lenticular clouds can quickly form and rapidly dissipate, as expected of a UFO avoiding detection. Lenticular clouds are usually sighted in mountainous areas, but they can make an appearance on low-lying flat land.